In this week’s edition of 10 Questions with Wiggy, the guys discuss the Bruins playoff run, the upcoming series against the New York Rangers, Wiggy translates one of his texts to Felger, and much more.

10 Questions with Wiggy:
10. We’ve talked a lot about the great comebacks in Boston sports history. You were on the field for the one that was even better than this: 2001 Snow Bowl vs. Raiders. You had 10 catches, but what was the one play that stands out more than any other?

9. You have stated, and continue to state, that Claude should be fired. Who should be the next coach of the Boston Bruins?

8. If you could take one player off the Rangers and put him on the Bruins, who would it be? If it’s the goalie, pick someone else.

7. You can include last night if you like: What is your favorite Bruins game of all time?

6. Did the Bruins deserve to be booed last night?

5. Time for the Wiggy word on the street: “Gettin my swizzy on, vibin to Stevie B $ Nice N’ Wild DG, getting ready for my Man of Steel #BeachFlow!!!!” Please translate. I have no idea what ANY of that means.

4. Are there any current Bruins who you feel should have their numbers retired?

3. Do we have to change our opinion of Phil Kessel after this series?

2. Prediction: Penguins-Senators

1. Prediction. Bruins-Rangers


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