Yesterday, the National Weather Service issued a Frost Advisory effective 2am to 8am today for much of the area where the growing season had begun. It certainly seemed plausible that the air would chill down to the frost level especially in the usual vulnerable lowland locations. However, it never really got too cold last night thanks to some stubborn clouds. There was just enough moisture available as an upper level trough passed over the area to generate a layers of clouds which acted as a protective insulating blanket. Consequently, there was no frost in most of the area. The sky cleared out temporarily in some areas just before sunrise and the temperatures dropped several degrees in a few minutes but they dipped to the lower 30s only briefly in a few spots and then the clouds rolled right back in and the temperatures rose a few degrees. So it’s better safe than sorry if you took the time to protect some of your tender plants.

The cloud games are played again during the day as it appears that a changeable sky is in the works. The early morning cloudiness should break up to enable some sunshine in places. However, that sunshine will warm the air and increase the instability resulting in the development of new clouds which may release a brief shower in a few spots this afternoon after the original lobe of clouds and upper level support releases scattered showers and local downpours with hail over parts of Cape Cod first thing this morning. It will warm up to 62-64 with less wind than yesterday. The northwesterly breeze might flip to an easterly breeze and cool off some coastal areas later this afternoon. The sky will become mostly clear late this afternoon or early this evening so temperatures will fall to lows of 36-36 tonight.

Approaching warm, cold and occluded frontal boundaries will push a swath of showers and perhaps scattered boomers across the region from west to east tomorrow midday through the afternoon. The temperatures will be slightly higher than today with middle 60s rather common. Despite the passage of the cold front, it will be warm on Thursday with sunshine warming the air to 75-80 degrees. After that, another cold front will sag southward from northern New England early Friday. This will pass without any fanfare and result in slightly cooler conditions with some sunshine on Friday. Yet another boundary will follow the same route on Saturday and this will introduce some patches of clouds and a good shot of a sea breeze through Sunday as high pressure builds down along the coast from the Northeast. As the high pressure settles southward out over the western  Atlantic and strengthens, the clockwise flow will capture the summer-like air in the middle of the nation and escort it into New England next Tuesday and Wednesday. It could easily be in the 85-90 range on those days with high humidity. As the heat is introduced, we may get some showers and boomers on Monday with the passage of a warm front.

Here is an interesting stat regarding temperatures across this nation: According to The Weather Channel, there have been 2,122 more record lows than record highs so far this year. The actual count is 6,269 record lows and 4147 record highs as of early this morning! There have been no record lows or highs in Boston so far this season. I hope that we do NOT get any record highs this summer!

Todd Gutner posts his blog early this evening and I shall return early tomorrow morning.

Make it a great day!


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