Cam Neely played in more than 800 NHL games, 93 of them in the postseason, but even he can’t find anything that compares to the Bruins’ Game 7 comeback and overtime win on Monday night.

“It was kind of frustrating to watch us play the way we were playing, knowing that we were capable of playing much better,” Neely said on Felger & Mazz the day after the historic victory. “Third period, you go down 4-1, you start watching the clock, and, you know, all the experiences of playing games and watching games, you realize that it becomes more and more of a daunting task to try to salvage this series. … Of course extremely pleased with the fact that these guys gutted it out and tied it up and felt good about going into overtime with type of momentum we had.”

When asked if an incredible playoff comeback from his own career compared to Monday’s game, Neely said no way.

“Someone asked me that earlier today,” Neely said. “I remember a lot of great, exciting playoff games. But to put it in comparison is tough to do, because you’re talking about Game 7. To come back from three goals in a Game 7 to win the series. That particular game, although it was an extremely exciting comeback for us, it wasn’t to keep the series alive, it was to get back into the series.

“I don’t know if you can find a Game 7 in any sport that’s had this type of situation, with that much time left in the game.”

Felger also asked Neely how gratifying it was for the organization to see its core group — Patrice Bergeron, Zdeno Chara, Milan Lucic, David Krejci, etc. — be the ones involved in the heart of the big comeback.

“For us to see those players step up in a game like that, that’s what you hope, that’s what you expect, that’s what you’re looking for. And they delivered,” Neely said. “In Game 7 like that, for those guys to come through the way they did and get goals when we needed them in a big way and dominate in a short period of time, it shows you the character of the guys – not just those guys, but of the team. This is why, when you talk abou t a core group of guys, we’ve looked at who they are and identified that and know what they can bring to to the table.”

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