BOSTON (CBS) — Good things come in small packages, and no one packs more goodness into bite after bite after bite, than Purefections. This small Quincy chocolate shop has amassed a big following thanks to the unique treats created by sisters Lisa Trifone and Christina Bartkus.

“We do everything a little bit different. I’ve always loved chocolate, and chocolate is my thing, but we wanted to kick it up a notch and combine different ingredients, have different ideas, use different packaging, and just make everything a little bit different, on top of being delicious.”

“When you come into our store, you’re not gonna see the typical things that you see everywhere else. Everything we do here, we do different. Whether it’s our peanut butter fluff cups, or even our turtles, we do it different.”

Every creation is made by hand, in small batches using gourmet Belgian chocolate to make addictive items like salted caramel cups… beer nut bark…chocolate dipped cookies… and habanero sea salt disks.

These sweet sisters have been making sweet treats here for six years. But for Christina, chocolate has really been a life long obsession.

“My addiction to chocolate started when I was a little kid, and Lisa was actually selling chocolate bars for her school, I remember taking the whole box of bars and hiding in the closet, and literally eating every single one, and they were all about this big. Needless to say, I was six years old, but someone had to pay for those bars and it wasn’t me.”

These days, Christina can have all the chocolate she wants and Lisa says you should too.

“Chocolate makes you feel good, so why not eat it.”

For more food and fun watch Phantom Gourmet Sunday at 10:30 and 11 a.m. on myTV38


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