By Paul Burton, WBZ-TV

COHASSET (CBS) – Like many other people on this earth, Brenden Morrissey is thankful that his mom gave him life. But unlike most people, Brenden’s mom gave him that gift twice.

“I just think it one of the nicest things anyone can do,” Brenden said.

The 15-year-old was diagnosed with a very painful rare liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.

“The pain would cause him to be up on all fours. He could not eat or sleep,” Brenden mother Karen Morrissey said.

Last year the disease got worse and doctors said he would need a liver transplant.

As fate would have it, his mother was a perfect match; and she decided to give 60 percent of her liver to her son.

“Giving Brenden life again is just so amazing,” Karen said.

It’s a gift Brenden says he could never pay back, but does plan to pay it forward.

“I don’t think I can top that. But I plan to spread awareness for other waiting in the hospital for organs that they can hopefully get them,” Brenden said.

Brenden says his Mother’s Day gift this years will remain a secret. But his mom says she’s already received the greatest gift of all.

“I am so thankful. It’s just nice to have us all under one roof and to be a normal family again,” Karen said.

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