BOSTON (CBS) — Thousands of people have come together in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, and their generosity has been nothing short of astounding.

(Credit: Richard Family Website)

(Credit: Richard Family Website)

We all know about the huge “One Fund,” but there are many, many other fundraising efforts underway that are smaller and more personal.

At a small company in Woburn, the tragedy of the Richard family, the death of 8-year-old Martin and the severe injuries of his sister and mother, hit home. And one person’s idea to help is growing into an international effort.

The business at Kirkwood Digital in Woburn is all about graphics, but the purpose these days is all about helping to support the Richards of Dorchester, a family that was shattered on Marathon day.

Martin, a 3rd grader, was killed. His 7-year-old sister, Jane and mother, Denise were gravely injured. His dad Bill was also hurt. It’s personal at Kirkwood because Bill Richard’s brother, Brad works there.

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“When we found out Brad’s family was involved we were just devastated, and wanted to do what we could do to help,” says company president Wayne Moda.

Moda started a fund for the family, at first with just his 30 employees.

“And the next thing you know, some customers got wind and said, do you mind if I forward it on,” he said.

And from there a national digital graphics association got involved and so did people almost everywhere.

“I’ve seen donations coming from Los Angeles, from the Netherlands, from various parts of the country,” says Kevin Rutan, Kirkwood’s COO.

He says the tight-knit company is working together to help their co-worker’s family.

“We care about this guy because we deal with him everyday. He’s a changed person. He’s never going to be the same, and really the reason we did this was just to show our support,” says Rutan.

So far they’ve collected over $20,000 and have pledges for another $10,000.

“If you want to see a perfect example of Boston Strong it’s right here in these four walls,” says Rutan.

Visiting the shop you get the feeling that “doing something” helps.

“If you’re in a war zone, people get killed. But on the streets of Boston, at a legacy event? It’s just unconscionable to me,” says Rutan.

One hundred percent of the donations will go to the Richard family.

“When you talk about a tragedy and how much bad there is out there and you focus on that one element of horror or tragedy that happens, a million other things pop up of goodness or kindness that happen from people in the area, and it’s hopeful,” says Wayne Moda.

The outpouring of concern has been remarkable. They’ve even had people drop off homemade quilts and offer to provide food for the Richard family.

For more information about the fund set up by Kirkwood Digital, go to their website:


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