By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Many saw multiple thunderstorms today…some towns actually had three.  The biggest threat from these storm was cloud to ground lightning and torrential rain that resulted in some temporary street flooding.  But one storm a little after 4PM in the Easton and Stoughton area started rotating and many witnesses claim to have seen a funnel cloud.  There was also a report of that funnel moving around some campers at a car dealership and if that is the case then we might have just seen our first tornado of the season…weak and brief.

These storms have been firing underneath a cool pocket of air and upper level storm system that will rotate north by the morning.  Showers will have fallen apart by then but all this rain will result in some dense areas of fog greeting you in the morning.  SW winds will stir at the surface early tomorrow and the fog will lift, sunshine will burn through and temps will soar well into the 70s and even close to 80 for some.  The air will stay muggy but without a trigger showers and storms will be kept at bay.

Saturday will be a different story…stronger southerly winds will continue the flow of warm and muggy air into Southern New England.  A warmfront will swing through in the morning with a brief shower following that we should bust into some sunshine with temps climbing into the 70s again.  Late in the a coldfront will work in from the west and this will provide a trigger for a potential strong line of storms Saturday evening.

That coldfront will have cleared the coast early Sunday morning and drier air will work in on a nice west breeze…sun will be more dominant too leading to a pretty nice Mother’s Day with highs close to 70.  A second coldfront will slide through without much activity along it Sunday evening.  Behind this second front a somewhat chilly airmass will invade New England with highs in the lower 60s and overnight lows in the 40s and 30s with a chance of frost outside of Rt. 128 Tuesday morning.


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