By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

NASHUA, NH (CBS) — Her name is Jennie Lamere and she is just a high school senior.

The 17-year-old from Nashua, NH recently won the top prize at Hill Holliday’s TVnext hack-a-thon event in Boston, a competition to come up with the best new apps for television.

She was the only female competitor and the youngest.

“It’s just absolutely crazy,” said Lamere, who is a senior at the Academy of Notre Dame in Tyngsboro Massachusetts. “I really can’t believe that it happened.”

As a big television watcher and Twitter user, Jennie would be annoyed when people tweeted about her favorite shows before she watched them.

“I just realized that a lot of nights I couldn’t even go on Twitter because my feed was just full of spoilers for all these TV shows,” says Lemere.

So she came up with an app that allows her to still use Twitter but hide all tweets with certain keywords she types in. The keywords are usually the names of the television shows she is interested in. The app blocks all chatter that could spoil a show she has not seen yet.

It took Jennie ten hours to code the program. She won two prizes including “Best in Show” and earned $2,500 which she says she will use to help pay for college tuition next year.

The app, called Twivo, will be available to download for free in a few weeks.

“Jennie is a terrific example of the kind of young person all of us in the modern business world need more of,” said Hill Holliday President Karen Kaplan. “She’s incredibly smart, self-reliant, confident and humble at the same time. Most importantly, she’s a terrific problem solver under pressure. That’s why we offered her a job at Hill Holliday on the spot. We’ll all be working for Jennie Lamere some day.”


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