EAST KINGSTON, NH (CBS) – The waters off Powwow Pond in East Kingston, New Hampshire are a beautiful spring sight, but it was very nearly the scene of a tragedy Wednesday morning.

David Towse was washing the dishes while he was taking care of his three-year-old daughter Bailey and his one-year-old son Bradley. That’s when Bradley somehow slipped through a childproof door, got outside and ended up face down in the pond.

“He looked out and he saw Bradley face down in the water,” said the boy’s sister Lori. “It scared him so he ran out picked him up out the water, brought him there and started trying to get most of the water out of him, he was able to make him breathe again.”

Bradley was revived, coughed up water and started crying. That’s when emergency crews arrived.

“He was crying, he was still like a grayish color, his lips were blue,” said Cpl. Mark Iannuccillo of the East Kingston police.

Bradley was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Boston where he’s being monitored. The family has been told he should be OK.


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