Worcester Funeral Home Struggles To Resolve Bombing Suspect’s Burial

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WORCESTER (CBS) – Worcester’s police chief and the uncle of Boston Marathon bombings suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev met Tuesday with the director of the funeral home that’s been working to handle the burial arrangements.

So far, Peter Stefan has been unable to locate a single cemetery willing to take Tsarnaev’s body.

Police spokesman Sergeant Kerry Hazelhurst said they hope to come to a resolution in days.

He would not discuss specifics of the meeting, but said local, domestic and overseas options have been discussed.

Tamerlan’s mother wants the body flown home to Russia, but that requires government approval.

Worcester police want Stefan to cover at least part of the $30,000 cost of around-the-clock police details that have been provided since the body arrived at the funeral home last week.

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