Steve LeBlanc, Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) — Michael Sullivan is throwing his support behind fellow Republican primary rival Gabriel Gomez in the state’s special U.S. Senate election.

Sullivan, who called Gomez an “Obama Republican” during the primary, stood alongside the former Navy SEAL Tuesday and called him “a leader for Massachusetts.”

Sullivan also criticized Gomez’s Democratic opponent, Congressman Edward Markey for posting an Internet campaign video. At one point in the video, Gomez is juxtaposed with an image of Osama bin Laden.

Sullivan called the video “dishonorable.”

Newton Mayor Setti Warren defended Markey and faulted Gomez for speaking out last year on behalf of what Warren called a “right-wing, secretly-funded special interest group” that criticized President Obama’s handling of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

The image of bin Laden in Markey’s video comes from a 22-minute video produced by the group.

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