I hope that you had a great weekend. As advertised last week, it was most beautiful across northern New England where temperatures climbed into the 70s especially in the mountain valley locations. Burlington, VT checked in with a high of 81 yesterday while Boston was only 53! Did you go hiking or climbing? The mountaintops were in the clear with light breezes and the visibility was superb. Unfortunately, the black flies were thick in places too. Oh well. There is always something to spoil a nice outing. Meantime, the sea breeze was chilling over the coastal plain with highs only at 51-55 while well inland spots of southern New England warmed to 61-65. It was great for many outside work and sports activities such as the never-ending yard work that kept me busy all weekend.

The mega block is beginning to shift and break down so that is both bad and good. The bad part is that this long stretch of exquisite weather will come to a close but the good part is that we should receive some worthwhile rain of more than a half-inch. That is a start because we need much more to erase the dry conditions of the past month or more. The first installment of rain is destined to arrive Wednesday afternoon and linger as showers into Thursday. This wet weather is currently soaking the Tennessee/Ohio Valley region as a deep upper air closed low pressure system and surface reflection approach slowly. Additional rain and showers could follow next weekend as the next upper level trough of low pressure arrives from the west-southwest.

Before that happens, we’re dealing with a dreary start to this work week with low overcast and fog in many areas along and south of the MA Pike extending up into portions of northeastern MA. This will burn off as the morning progresses and bright sunshine will rule today sending temperatures higher than the weekend. It will slightly exceed 60 at the coastline ranging up to slightly past 70 farther and farther northwest of Boston. This will be repeated tonight as the low clouds and fog redevelop and perhaps extend deeper into central New England. After the morning burn off tomorrow and temperatures starting in the range of 45-50, it will warm to the middle 70s with lower to middle 60s at the coast. By the way, it looks like pleasant conditions at Fenway Park this evening as the Red Sox are back in town all week and playing against the Twins for a 7:10pm first pitch this evening.

Todd Gutner posts his blog early this evening and I shall return early tomorrow morning.

Make it a great day!


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