BOSTON (CBS) – Former Red Sox great Wade Boggs joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Friday, clearing the air about his reported request for the Red Sox to retire his number-26.

“It’s kind of funny that you brought that up. It was mentioned in The Globe I had approached the Red Sox asking for my number to be retired — which is absolutely false,” said Boggs, who spent 11 of his 18 seasons with Boston. “The Globe asked me if I wanted it retired, and I said ‘who wouldn’t.’ I think having the ‘B’ on your hat in the Hall of Fame is criteria enough for having your number retired, but it’s up to the organization and they have criteria that needs to be met.”

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“It’s up to them, not me. It’s an honor for an individual, so it wasn’t anywhere far-fetched enough that I was the guy beating the drum and rattling the trees for this to happen.”

Things didn’t end well with Boggs in Boston; he thought the two sides had a long-term deal, but that wasn’t true and he ended up joining the rival Yankees in 1993 — where he won a ring in 1996.

While many former Sox have rejoined the team in some capacity, Boggs — who is currently coaching high school baseball in Tampa — says he has never been asked.

“I haven’t been approached. They haven’t called me,” he said. “At one time we approached the Red Sox about going to Spring Training and doing various things in the Boston area. We felt at the time both parties weren’t on the same page. This was a while ago, but it’s not like I’m avoiding Boston.”

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Toucher and Rich also asked Boggs if he actually downed 64 Miller Lights on a cross-country trip. Boggs didn’t exactly admit to it, but he didn’t deny it either.

“Well, that was yesteryear,” he said. “That was a long time ago and that’s one of the things that comes up every once and awhile. We’ve moved on from that.”

Also find out what Boggs thinks about Clay Buchholz being accused for doctoring the baseball, and his relationship with Oil Can Boyd:


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