By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – As Boston College students celebrated the last day of classes, at least some were stuck at home, sick with suspected cases of the mumps.

Caroline Yeager says her friend has the symptoms. “She’s just been staying inside by herself, trying to stay away from everyone because it’s been kind of a big deal around campus lately,” she said.

No cases have been confirmed, but Boston College sent an email to students and their parents saying there’s the, “likelihood of a positive diagnosis among several BC students.”

Other universities in Virginia and Maryland have had serious outbreaks this spring.

The mumps is a serious illness that spreads easily in crowded places like on college campuses.

Most students said they had been vaccinated against the mumps.

Still with all the stress of finals week upon them, John Grosse wasn’t taking any chances. “I don’t think anyone’s too worried about it,” he said. “That said we’re going to disinfect our suite immediately when we get back.”


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