BOSTON (CBS) – Whitey Bulger’s long-awaited trial is scheduled to start next month and the questionnaire for potential jurors has been released.

They will be asked 51 questions as part of the screening process known as voir dire.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Are you, a relative, or a close friend presently, or have you, a relative, or a close friend ever been employed in law enforcement?
  • Have you, a relative, or a close friend ever been the victim of a crime?
  • Do you know anyone else employed by the United States Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts or the Department of Justice?
  • In this case, there will be evidence that the defendant was a member of a criminal organization that engaged in violent crime and financial crime. Do you have any concerns regarding organized crime that would prevent you from acting as a juror in this case?
  • Have you read any book(s) regarding organized crime in Boston?
  • Have you formed an opinion about the guilt or innocence of James “Whitey” Bulger with respect to the charges in this case?
  • The defendant in a criminal case has an absolute right not to testify. Would you hold it against the defendant if he did not testify in this case?
  • This case will draw a high degree of media attention. As a juror, you would be barred from reading or watching media accounts of the trial, consulting external sources and discussing the case with other people. Would you be able to abide by these rules for the entirety of the trial?
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