By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

DERRY, NH (CBS) – If the crime was not caught on camera, it would be hard to believe it’s true. Derry, New Hampshire police say security cameras captured a crook stealing items, including a $400 grill right off the porch of a second hand store.

To make matters worse, the man got a young boy to help him do it.

“I was very angered when I saw them stealing something intended to help other people. I was just disgusted when I saw there was a child helping him,” Finders Keepers owner Laura Barker said.

All of the proceeds from Finders Keepers goes to help military families and children in need. News of the crime upset customers and prompted lots of donations. “I couldn’t believe someone would do it and let alone involves a child. It’s horrible,” Derry resident Jennifer Star said.

Laura says Finders Keepers has been in the area for about eight months and they’ve already been robbed four times. “We volunteer our time to do this and for people to come here and have total disregard for trying to help other is very frustrating,” Barker said.

Fortunately police have identified the suspect and have a warrant out for his arrest.


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