Eating Disorder Orthorexia On The Rise (page 2)

By Michelle Roberts, WBZ-TV
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“Fat helps us absorb fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K, and it also helps us absorb phydo chemicals in fruits and vegetables,” said Culbert. “Whole grains have been shown to be heart healthy. . . Dairy is a great source of protein and a great source of calcium and Vitamin D.”

Orthorexics start with the best motives, really wanting to be in great shape and good health. The problem is their actions have the exact opposite effect.

Caitlyn Bryne is very conscious of her diet when she works out with Volney at the Boston Sports Club near Government Center.

She said when she first started working out and trying to lose weight, she was a bit extreme in her approach. “It’s hard because you have to train yourself to eat well. It was hard for me.”

She added that it wasn’t realistic and certainly wasn’t fun.

Culbert says the warning signs are not hard to spot. “When you are no longer able to enjoy any of the foods that you once did, and you are no longer able to participate in a family meal, or going out with a friend.”

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