BOSTON (CBS) – A victim of the Boston Marathon bombings who asked for the public’s help in finding the man who saved her life, believes she found her hero.

Roseann Sdoia (Credit:  Roseann's Reconvery/GoFundMe)

Roseann Sdoia (Credit: Roseann’s Reconvery/GoFundMe)

Roseann Sdoia, of Dracut, is still recovering from her injuries at a Boston hospital.

Sdoia had her right leg amputated and is recovering from burns to portions of her body and shrapnel in her left leg and abdomen.

Sdoia now wants to thank the man she calls her “hero.”

He carried her off the sidewalk and into the middle of Boylston Street so she could get help from first responders.

The man left the scene without anyone knowing who he was.

On Tuesday, the man’s photograph was posted on Sdoia’s fundraising page in hopes someone would recognize him.

“Roseann wants to meet him to say ‘thank you!’ Please repost everywhere so we can find him,” the post on her page said.

Actor Kevin Spacey visited Sdoia and her friends last weekend (Credit: Roseann's Recovery/GoFundMe)

Actor Kevin Spacey visited Sdoia and her friends last weekend (Credit: Roseann’s Recovery/GoFundMe)

By Tuesday afternoon, Sdoia’s fundraising page noted they had identified the man in the photo. Out of respect for his privacy, they are withholding his name.

To donate to Sdoia and help pay her medical bills and expenses, go to her fundraising page.


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