By Ken MacLeod

WEST NEWBURY (CBS) — She’s rebounded enough to pickup after the kids, even as a portable defibrillator reminds Samantha Graham that she’s not yet out of the woods.

“I count my blessings every day,” Graham said.

It was last Wednesday on the ball fields of West Newbury, that doctors now say a pair of Good Samaritans saved her life.

Perhaps weakened by a tough round of chemotherapy the day before, Graham, a breast cancer patient was unresponsive and in cardiac arrest.

Ray Antonopoulos tapped into his coast guard EMT training with CPR, soon to be joined by another dad Jeff Meisner, as other parents called 911.

“It’s a great feeling especially as she’s back as healthy as she can be,” he said.

It took two defibrillator jolts from arriving firefighters to revive the mother of two.

Her son was at bat when it happened. He got a hit – unaware of what was happening with his mom.

Graham says when she returns to the ballpark, she’ll always remember the home run hit for her, off the field.


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