BOSTON (CBS) – The Patriots added seven new players in the NFL Draft over the weekend, addressing needs on both offense and defense.

After trading out of the first round, the Patriots selected linebacker/defensive end Jamie Collins and wide receiver Aaron Dobson in the second round,  Rutgers defensive backs Logan Ryan and Duron Harmon in the third round, receiver Josh Boyce in the fourth, and defensive end Michael Buchanan and linebacker Steve Beauharnais in the seventh round.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh and Zo broke down the selections on Monday, discussing which players have the best chance at making an impact this season.

“I think they added good depth,” said Zo. “This was a flat, nasty first round and they didn’t want to pick anywhere near the bottom of it. They backed up and got four players for the price of one, and I think they got four guys that can contribute.”

“There is a chance one, two or even three of these kids do not make the football team. Why is that? I’m sure there will be those that say ‘it was a poor draft.’ This roster is loaded and what they did was created more depth and created more competition,” said Gresh. “Let’s make no mistake about it; Collins, Dobson and Boyce are on the team. I think Logan Ryan is going to be around, and Duron Harmon is up in the air.”

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“However it can be spun negatively – and expect it to be in the sports world – but (the Patriots) created competition,” Gresh continued. “Let the best man win. It’s one of those ‘I don’t care how you get there,’ it’s ‘are you good enough to make the team?’”

The Patriots also picked up running back LeGarrette Blount from the Buccaneers for kick returned Jeff Demps and a seventh round pick on Saturday.

“I have to see him in training camp, I can’t say (if he makes the team) right now,” Zolak said of Blount. “I think it’s fascinating they can get this type of player at the end of the draft.”

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“I think it’s great because we don’t even know if he’s going to make the football team, but what happens in camp? Tempers flare. There’s a potential helmets will fly and this guy is going to throw down,” added Zo. “Hopefully it’s a defensive player, like Spikes. That would be a hell of a fight to see, get everyone fired up.”

“It’s a guy who had issues coming into the league, late for meetings and other issues. The thing that intrigues me the most, he’s the polar opposite of everyone they have on the roster at running back,” said Gresh. “He’s the prototypical, old-school short yardage/goal line back… Blount is a powerful, big guy to bring down.”


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