After months of speculation and mock drafts, the first round of the NFL Draft is finally here.

But after all those months, don’t expect the Patriots to do much on the first night — at least according to 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zolak.

“They’re trading out of that pick, get ready for it tonight,” said Scott Zolak of the Patriots 29th overall selection in the first round. “They’re trading back and acquiring picks. All the people that are still sitting there, they can still get in round two.”

One position the Patriots could draft in the first round is wide receiver, one of the only glaring needs on their roster. But it’s hard to find a receiver worth taking in the first round, especially one that can make an instant impact.

“You’re sitting at a spot at 29 where we don’t know what kind of run will start around 23. It may be receivers,” said Zolak. “But does New England want to get into that? Are any of them worth trading up?”

“This team isn’t going to change. They can trade out as much as they could take a wide receiver in the first round,” said Gresh. “Don’t get locked into a position, because if you do you’ll be disappointed. By now, you should know better than this crew.”

“They’re not going to overdraft a wide receiver because they need one. They aren’t going to take a guy who is a late second round pick and take him in the early second or late first round. They’re not going to do that,” added Gresh. “At wide receiver you better have a pretty special kid walk through that door to grasp the offense, to understand coverage. I would argue that defensive players can acclimate a lot more quickly to the NFL and what the Patriots do than someone at wide receiver, because there is a heck of a lot more that goes into it. You better be able to read a coverage, as well as run routes, have good hands – all the things you need to be able to help out.”

Should the Patriots trade their first round pick for additional picks, Zolak thinks they have to take a receiver in the second round on Friday.

“That’s a need. If they don’t draft a  receiver in the first two rounds — or because I think they’re trading out, with any of their second round picks — are you disappointed? Will this be a ‘meh’ night for you? I think they have to take a guy in the second round,” he said.


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