By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

DARTMOUTH (CBS) – Investigators combed through a landfill in Dartmouth to look for clues and evidence connected to the Boston Marathon bombings.

A couple dozen investigators could be seen searching through trash at the Crapo Hill Solid Waste Facility most of the day Thursday.

Dartmouth Police did not allow reporters on the property, but trash haulers were permitted access.

“They just keep digging everything up,” said Aaron Houbre who was hauling in trash. “They have it all surrounded with caution tape.”

The FBI would not say what, if anything, has been found.

Laura Eimiller of the FBI sent a statement to WBZ-TV, saying: “The FBI and its state & local law enforcement partners are searching for evidence. The activity is part of an ongoing investigation and, therefore, it would be inappropriate to comment on the nature of the search. Law enforcement activity is expected to continue throughout the day.”

The landfill takes up about 39 acres and receives about 250 tons of trash every day.

Landfill authorities say trash may be able to be located if the date it was hauled in is known. That would give investigators a rough idea of where to search.

CBS News reports authorities are particularly looking for any sales receipts or discarded packaging from ammunition purchases. They are also said to be looking for parts of homemade bombs that may have been used in any tests the Tsarnaev brothers may have engaged in prior to the marathon.

The dump is about six miles away from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where the younger Tsarnaev was a sophomore.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s dorm room has already been searched.


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