By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

This day cleaned up pretty nicely, by the end of the day temps jumped up into the 70s away from the coast and 60s and 50s along it…what a beautiful afternoon.  A coldfront is fast approaching from the west and clouds are already increasing across the region.  At the moment there is a solid line of gusty showers and thunderstorms along it but they will weaken as they close in on us overnight tonight.  We will still have showers but they will be fast moving and short-lived.  In fact, clouds will clear out quickly tomorrow morning leaving us with more bright sunshine and temps in the mid 60s…once again a seabreeze will cool the coast late day.

A piece of mid-level energy mark by a cool pool of air will create an unstable atmosphere Friday afternoon and pop-up showers and thunderstorms will be scattered across New England.  They will contain heavy downpours and perhaps some marginally gusty wind or very small hail…once the sun sets, any storm that forms will fall apart.

After that disturbance, we are in for a heck of a treat…a lengthy stretch of sunshine and mild temps that lasts through the weekend and deep into next week.  High pressure will anchor itself just offshore and it will keep any and all rain at bay.  Temps away from the coast will climb from the middle 60s on Saturday to the middle 70s by the middle of next week (that’s a lot of “middles”).  Along the coast you can expect a seabreeze to kick in each and every day…chilling towns near and along it.


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