BOSTON (CBS) – More than a dozen people lost limbs in the Boston Marathon bombings, beginning a long road to recovery.

Due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, researchers are calling it the “golden age” of prosthetic limbs, with technology highly advanced.

Chad Thompson lost his leg in a hunting accident 20 years ago. He says the bombing victims should have hope.

“They’re going to be able to get back to their life, their activities, their work, they will learn how to do things a little bit differently but not to worry,” Thompson said.

Researchers at Hanger Inc. in Easton are on the cutting edge of prosthetic devices. They have designed a prosthetic hand with varying grips.

The injuries at the finish line are similar to injuries seen on the battle field and researchers say the encouraging news is that the technology can help victims recover.

With many devices available to amputees, researchers say the most important thing for victims to have is hope.


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