BOSTON (CBS) — It’s been a week since Boston was shaken by the bombings at the Boston Marathon, and still, the city’s residents old and new continue to do all they can to help out those affected.

One high-profile newcomer to the city of Boston is Jonny Gomes, and he did his part to both honor the victims and help out those in need of assistance this weekend.

Gomes used two bats which had the names of the three victims of the bombings who lost their lives (Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi), as well as the name of the slain MIT police officer (Sean Collier), engraved on the barrel.

Will Middlebrooks posted a photo of the bat on Twitter:

In total, Gomes had four bats made, and the Red Sox said via Twitter that Gomes and his teammates will autograph the bats and auction them off, giving the money to the The One Fund.

The Red Sox as an organization made a $100,000 donation to the One Fund as part of a $646,500 combined donation with the MLB, MLBPA and Red Sox Foundation.

“We are inspired by Mayor Menino, who has taken the lead in raising money for the many victims of this atrocity,” Red Sox chairman Tom Werner said. “We are also grateful to the commissioner for his leadership and generosity. Baseball is a vital social institution with important community responsibilities and obligations. We look forward to working with the mayor, the governor, and Major League Baseball as we continue to offer support to the many who were affected but Monday’s tragic events.”


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