Hate owned a minute

but we ran for hours

because this shining town is ours.

The hurt was sudden.

The day was long.

But we are Boston.

Boston strong.

We sank in shadows

But a light stayed on

Because the light of life

Is a marathon.

One foot, then the other,

Through the course of our life

We cheer on our children

Our husband

Our wife

A strand of relationship

Winds down the street

United by heart

And soul

And feet.

A will to keep going

The strength to succeed

To plant in the present

Tomorrow’s bright seed.

We’ve run longer

Than anyone else in the nation

The baton has been passed

Through generations

And we won’t stop running

Because of some fear

We know our place

And our place

Is right here.

The race is won

By those who run

Who have the strength

To answer each day’s starting gun.

And next year, in April

In Hopkinton

We’ll gather together

And together we’ll run.

We’ll run through the heat

We’ll run through the rain

We’ll run through the cramps

And we’ll run through the pain.

And we’ll remember together

What happened that day

When a cloud of destruction

Made the sun go away.

We’ll run past madness

Terror and hate

Some of us limping

But all of us great.

It’s a race of freedom

That we’ve always run here

From Frederick Douglass

To Paul Revere.

And we’ll finish triumphant

In a town without fear

Because we know our place

And our place

Is right here.

Listen to Carl’s poem:



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