The weather seems so meaningless on this frantic Friday! Let us pray for the safety of our law enforcement officers and the general public— and for the quick conclusion of this chaos, insanity, violence and terrorism!

Anyway, allow me to move forward and provide some weather information about the next 7 days for you. It has already become quite humid and the temperatures will be rising steadily as the cloudiness breaks in places to enable some occasional glimpses of sunshine from place to place. It will turn out to feel rather summery as temperatures max out in the range of in the middle to upper 70s except it will be cooler closer and closer to south-facing coastal areas. The New England South Coast and parts of Cape Ann will max out in the range of 57-63. The muggy air flowing across the ocean is producing dense fog over much of Cape Cod and the Islands and other parts of the New England South Coast. That should thin out in many areas down there as the day evolves. The south-southwesterly wind will ramp up to 15-35 mph. Although I cannot rule out a few renegade pop-up showers during the day, most of the wet weather will materialize tonight as a strip of showers and embedded boomers rumbles eastward across the region. Stability parameters and available energy suggest that there should not be any severe thunderstorms over eastern New England but there could be some isolated strong storms over western New England early this evening as they arrive from NY. This action is all lined up along an approaching cold front which will pass through the Boston area around 2am then offshore of Cape Cod by 8am. Light to moderate post-frontal rain will linger a few hours but this steady rain should end north and west of Boston by 7-8am with only a few residual spotty light showers or sprinkles after that before some clearing advances east-southeastward. Showers should abate on Cape Cod around midday. Most of the sunshine will develop southeastward with and after the passage of a secondary cold frontal passage around 1-2 pm. Temperatures will rise from the lower 50s at dawn to near 60 at 4-5 pm.

Looking ahead, Sunday will feature bright sunshine across most of the region with some patchy cloudiness mainly confined to the northern mountains. There will be a cool northwesterly brisk breeze to start off the morning with a lighter onshore breeze setting in during the afternoon. Highs will be near 55 but fall back to the upper 40s along the coast later in the day. A strengthening zone of high pressure will shift across southern Canada and ridge into the Northeast during that period. It will set up a brisk northeasterly wind on Monday so it will definitely be chilly with upper 40s along the coast and lower to middle 50s farther inland on that day. You will notice increasing high cloudiness during the day. This will be streaming into the region from a blossoming wave of low pressure centered just off the NC coast. Once again, it appears that the steering currents will be backing sufficiently to propel the storm closer to Cape Cod by late Tuesday. Consequently, as I had surmised on Wednesday but backed off yesterday, it seems more likely now that a cold windswept soaking rain in the 40s will occur starting later Monday night and ending Tuesday evening. The stormiest conditions would happen over eastern New England. Once this storm departs, warmer air will quickly replace the chill and next Wednesday will turn out mainly sunny with afternoon highs in the middle 60s as another ridge of high pressure shifts offshore and our surface wind becomes southwesterly. The next approaching cold front will provide a spell of showers and possible thunderstorms on Thursday afternoon with highs then near 70.

Todd Gutner will post a fresh blog early this evening and Joe Joyce will return tomorrow.

Be safe and calm… better days are just ahead.


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