BOSTON (CBS) – Members of Boston sports teams are speaking out about the marathon bombings that killed three people and injured more than 170.

Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia says the team found out while they were on the bus from Fenway Park after winning their game on Monday.

“The bus was silent,” said Pedroia. “We didn’t know how to react we just pray and hope that everybody is safe and OK.”

The Red Sox traditionally begin their games at 11am on Patriots Day, the same day the Boston Marathon is held.

“I’ve been with the Red Sox, this is my seventh year, every year we’ve played the 11 o’clock game and the fans go from there to watch the end of the marathon and then they go to the bars around there and they go to the Bruins game,” said Pedroia. “I don’t think it would ever change the way the city of Boston is gonna be moving forward. It’s too strong of a place and the people are too tough to allow whoever did this to affect the way that it’s been going on for however many years.”

More Reaction From Local Athletes

David Ortiz said he got emotional when he heard about the young boy from Dorchester who was killed in the explosion.

“I heard about that 8-year-old kid this morning,” said the Red Sox DH. “Tell me there’s one person that heard about that news that didn’t feel that.”

The Boston Bruins postponed their game Monday night against the Senators.

“I think that sports are obviously woven into the fabric of this city,” said Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference. “The fact that it’s at the marathon and affected so many people in a personal way, it’s not just about it happening in our city, it happened to people that we know, places that we go.”

“I used to live above Abe and Louie’s,” said former Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon. “It’s tough just thinking about how many people I know there.”


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