BOSTON (CBS) — When WBZ-TV video editor Phil Vaughn wore a video camera while running the Boston Marathon on Monday, he and the rest of the runners never expected what would happen near the finish line.

Vaughn, along with many other runners, was stopped by police just around the corner from Boylston Street after two explosions went off. He and the other runners were not told exactly what had happened, but he knew it had to be something serious.

“At first, it’s complete confusion,” Vaughn said. “You knew something bad happened — they don’t stop the race for something minor. The runners stayed fairly calm. It was more when people started coming down Boylston that we realized something bad had happened. And then people started crying — runners breaking down and crying.

“It wasn’t until we saw panicked spectators coming off Boylston that we knew something really bad had happened,” Vaughn added.

Vaughn said he had to hitchhike to get out of town, because there was no other easy way out and that the tragedy ruined what was a great day to that point.

“I was just thinking how much energy there was in the crowds,” Vaughn said. “The crowd seemed larger and more excited this year, and it was noticable how many people were out.”


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