By Barry Burbank, Meteorologist, WBZ-TVBy Barry Burbank

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a chilly start everywhere with even some frost in some locations. The wind is calm and it will be light throughout the day as it freshens to about 6-12 mph.

The eventual wind direction will veer slightly from east-northeast to east-southeast as the runners proceed along the race course.

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There will be varying amounts of high cloudiness through the day with some mid-level cloudiness added this afternoon. This means that the sunshine intensity will be variable ranging from bright at times to quite dim at other times.

There will be NO rain and NO sizzling heat! YAY!

This Morning In Hopkinton:

Sunshine filtered through some high cloudiness, calm to start then a light easterly, temperatures starting out at 7 am in the lower to middle 30’s then rising up to 45-49 at the staggered start times of the race.

Daytime Along The Course:

Some high cloudiness filtering the sunshine, breeze picking up from the east-southeast at 5-10 mph, warming to the middle 50’s by midday then up to 56-60 by mid-afternoon but cooler in Boston.

Finish Line In Boston:

High & mid-level cloudiness filtering the sunshine, an east-southeasterly head wind at 8-12 mph with a temperature near or slightly over 50 at Copley Square.


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