Disaster has struck Boston and there are a number of levels of intensity with which it is felt.

First, there is the pain all Americans feel at moments like this.

A more visceral reaction is experienced by those who live and work in Boston and the very neighborhood that was devastated.

But there is another plateau of pain that few of us will ever have to survive. That is the horror visited upon those who were in the blast zone and lost loved ones, limbs, or lives.
My friend works a few doors from ground zero. As an employee, he is allowed to bring his family to view the race from a comfortable spot at the finish line. He nearly lost his whole family. His shoes were stained with the blood of others. He will never be the same.

I want to make sure that we keep those whose lives were changed forever by this event in our thoughts. My sincerest condolences go out to those who were hurt today, either psychologically, physically, or both.
This was the real deal, and it happened at here. Today we learned that tragedy feels different when it happens at home.


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