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Consider this:

Jay Leno is stepping down after 22 years as the host of the Tonight Show and former Saturday Night Live cast member, Jimmy Fallon, is slated to take over. Do you think that Fallon will be up to the task? Do you think he will be as good as Jay Leno? Do you agree with those who say Fallon is a Jonny Carson-esque host? There are even a few fans who say Fallon may actually turn out to be as good a Tonight Show host as Carson himself. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think there is a better choice out there?

The fact that SNL’s Lorne Michaels will become the show’s producer and that the show is moving to New York will surely change the tone of the program to favor Fallon’s chances of success.

By the way, the notion that Fallon is a Red Sox fan is inaccurate, and his Sox related characters in “Fever Pitch” and on SNL weren’t based on himself at all. He is from New York. Enough said.

I took my video camera to the street a find out how many viewers think Fallon has the juice for this big time slot? Click play to see the results.


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