By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – If you’re out and about Saturday night and don’t care to be exposed to vulgar, violent hate speech, you might want to steer clear of Harvard Yard, where Tyga, the D-list rapper who specializes in glorifying violence against women, has been booked by a Harvard student group as the headliner for their annual spring fling in the Yard.

Thousands of students and others had signed an online petition calling for Tyga to be disinvited.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Instead, the student group responsible for the event says in a statement that “our goal for Yardfest every year is to put on an inclusive event where the entire Harvard College community feels welcome, and it is clear from the past few days that we have not lived up to this expectation. As such, we would like to apologize for not meeting this standard of inclusivity.”

Nice double-talk kids, but it seems the show will go on, although Tyga’s start time has been moved until after dinner, presumably so the students who can’t stomach grotesque misogyny can leave beforehand.

Moral of the story: some of these smart Harvard students can’t manage to do the right thing no matter how clearly it’s explained to them.

The fact that their campus has recently been the scene of violent attacks on women doesn’t seem to carry much weight.

And while decency and inclusivity get paid lip service, the kids just can’t bring themselves to tell Tyga to peddle his trash elsewhere.

But don’t worry too much. The event is open only to members of the Harvard community.

Don’t you wish you were paying $60,000 a year so your kids could be a part of Saturday night’s exclusive celebration of stupidity?

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