BOSTON (CBS) – An Arizona man was arrested Friday after a state trooper found 2,000 pounds of marijuana in the Ryder truck he was driving.

The truck was being driven by 28-year-old Luis Barrios on Rt. 16 in Everett when police say he abruptly switched lanes without signaling and exited onto Mystic View Road. A trooper then pulled the truck over.

According to police, Barrios had difficulty providing registration and rental agreements for the vehicle and he became nervous as the trooper was questioning him.

The trooper then noticed a duffel bag containing a large bundle wrapped in cellophane. Barrios gave the trooper consent to search the vehicle and over 2,000 pounds of marijuana was discovered in the rear of the truck.

Barrios faces a drug trafficking charge and will be arraigned Tuesday in Malden District Court.


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