By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

GILFORD, N.H. (CBS) – Bad driving and a dumb phone call were the downfall of a boyfriend and girlfriend accused of breaking into a home and swiping thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and electronics.

When they tried to make their getaway backing up down a winding driveway, they ran off the road and got stuck in a ditch, according to Gilford Police.

They then called AAA to pull out their Toyota Camry.

“Stupid,” said Gilford Police Detective Dan O’Neill. “I mean how stupid could you be and to actually call for a service when you just committed a crime?”

It was Al’s Auto Service that took the call.

The accused burglars, Gordon Potter, 33, and Kerry Duggan, 26, said they had a baby in the car and were running out of gas and needed a quick response, according to shop owner Allen Raper.

But when the tow truck driver arrived, there was no baby and plenty of gas. But the driver did not think much of it and pulled the car out and the couple went on their way.

Later, when the homeowners discovered the burglary and called police, investigators noticed the tire tracks in the ditch and called local tow companies to see if anyone had pulled a vehicle out.

That led them to Al’s which had the vehicle make and model as well as the names of the people they had helped.

Police put out an alert, and officers in nearby Belmont found them the next day, with some of the stolen jewels still in the car.

“When people go and do crimes, they should have a vehicle that’s going to get them away from the scene,” said Raper.

Police say the couple at first, made up “multiple stories” but then admitted to what they had done.

They also told investigators they had already pawned some of the stolen goods at a pawn shop in Revere, Mass. and needed the money for heroin.

Both are charged with a felony, and investigators say they could be connected to at least two other area burglaries.


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