By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – The president flew to Hartford on Monday to make the case that gun rights advocates who are considering using procedural maneuvers to block a DC vote on gun control are ignoring public outcry.

“They’re saying your opinion doesn’t matter,” he said. “And that’s not right.”

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

I don’t like guns, but I’d just as soon not re-hash the whole gun control debate here.

However, the president, perhaps inadvertently, has raised a very interesting question about government in general: does your opinion actually matter?

It’s hard to find a politician who doesn’t reflexively pay lip service to the “voice of the people.” But serious attention to that voice is often a matter of ideological preference.

President Obama and congressional Democrats jammed through the big health care reform over the vocal dissent of majority public opinion.

Gay rights advocates insist their agenda ought not be subject to the opinions of voters, while anti-gay-marriage conservatives insist that majority opinion should never override their personal views of what constitutes a proper marriage.

And on Beacon Hill right now, politicians on either side of the tax-hike battle are full of sincere disdain for what the public thinks.

The governor insists people know his huge tax-and-spending plan is the right thing to do, even though polls show majority opposition to them. His critics see the parade of folks lobbying for the governor’s plan as trumped-up support by political followers rather than an honest reflection of opinion.

So, no, many if not most times, your opinion doesn’t matter.

Then again, if you’re a campaign donor, no worries – you can always get your call returned.

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