BOSTON (CBS) – An Anna Maria College student has been accused of making threats against the school.

While 18-year-old Thomas Frongillo was playing an online game, he allegedly typed that he was going to “shoot up his school.” The gaming company then contacted police.

Frongillo has now been banned from the Paxton campus.

“We put sanctions into place immediately banning him from campus,” said Paula Green, spokeswoman for Anna Maria College. “We were notified this morning that this gentleman was being arrested, he is a student here, and we banned him from campus.”

Students WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong spoke to on campus were shocked.

“Never seemed like anything was out of the ordinary,” said one of Frongillo’s classmate’s who did not want to be identified. “Every time I spoke with him nothing caught my eye or caught my attention; he was pretty normal to me.”

“He was talkative,” said the classmate. “He chimed in his opinions in class everything was normal to me, and every time I talked with him he was cool so I would never expect this.”

Frongillo was charged with threatening to commit a crime and held on $50,000 cash bail.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong contributed to this report.


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