The Bruins won 6-2 on Monday night, but the feeling in Boston wasn’t overwhelmingly joyous. That’s in part because the Carolina Hurricanes are not a very good team and had some atrocious goaltending, but also because the Bruins allowed more than 40 shots yet again.

Joe Haggerty joined Toucher & Rich on Tuesday morning and did say one big positive was that the Bruins got scoring spread out throughout the four new lines.

“Rich Peverley had one of his best games of the year, and if he could start playing better and producing offensively, that could help you while you’re missing Patrice Bergeron,” Haggerty said.

The conversation then quickly moved on to the somewhat mythical Carl Soderberg, the Swedish forward who Haggerty reported to be very close to joining the Bruins.

“It sounds from the source I talked to, very close,” Haggerty said. “And that was a change from a few days ago, when it was a ‘maybe he comes, maybe he doesn’t come’ attitude. I think the deal with him is done. I think this is more about the international bureaucracy, with i’s you have to dot and t’s you have to cross with the Swedish Elite League, with his own team, with the International Hockey Federation, all that stuff.

“I think he has expressed, and he has put his money where his mouth is, that he wants to play,” he added. “It’s basically a done deal that he’s agreed he wants to come here.”

As for what Soderberg can bring, Haggerty admitted that in many ways, the 27-year-old is still a “mystery man,” but he’s appealing to the Bruins in several ways.

“The Bruins feel like he could absolutely help them, given the size and the offensive skills that he has, and the fact that he can play any of the forward positions,” he said.


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