By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

SHREWSBURY (CBS) – Many residents at Shrewsbury Tower woke up to find their tires slashed Tuesday morning. Two tires were flattened on Brian Kelly’s Toyota Tacoma.

“Kids are kids,” Kelly told WBZ-TV. “They do stupid things without thinking.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports

By daylight more residents learned they were victims too.

Ivy Murphy’s Mercury had two tires hit.

“I’m very upset to think they would come to a place where people don’t have the money to go and buy all this stuff,” said Murphy. “It’s ridiculous. I hope they catch them.”

It happened Monday night at the building run by the Shrewsbury Housing Authority for seniors and lower income residents on North Quinsigamond Avenue.

“The fact that someone would vandalize cars of senior citizens living on fixed and low income is just appalling,” said Dennis Osorn, executive director of the SHA.

A couple of businesses are stepping in to make the repairs for free or at a discount.

In all 16 cars were had their tires slashed. Whoever is responsible for the crime also torched a car owned by a nun who lives in the building.

“That upsets me because she doesn’t have the money to buy another car,” said building resident Sheila Milliken.

Town police say another complex was also hit Monday night.

Two cars were set on fire at the Shrewsbury Green Apartments. And on Friday seven cars there had their tires slashed.

Investigators say all of the crimes are likely connected.


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