BOSTON (CBS) – It’s called the overnight diet and the doctor who came up with it claims you can lose two pounds after the first day.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Diane Stern spoke with the creator

Dr. Caroline Apovian, a Boston Medical Center weight loss expert and professor at Boston University School of Medicine, has run clinics in Boston and elsewhere.

Apovian recently penned a new book, “The Overnight Diet: The Proven Plan For Fast, Permanent Weight Loss.”

Under the plan, dieters drink three homemade “power up” protein smoothies the first day. The rest of the week, the diet is high protein and tons of fruit and veggies.

“The reality is once you do that power up day, you can loose 1-2 pounds overnight,” Apovian said. “The point is to give you the motivation to keep going and that’s what dieting is all about.”

Apovian says you can drop as much as two pounds as you sleep on this plan and lose fat without sacrificing muscle.

Where no food is off-limits, Apovian says the overnight diet is the key to fast, sustainable weight loss.

“This is a diet that was devised from the protein sparing modified fast which was developed in the early 1960s from my mentors,” Apovian said. “They gave that diet to people who were extremely overweight, that needed to lose over 100 pounds”

Apovian says her diet, starts with the protein sparing modified fast and adds the power up smoothies so dieters have enough energy to go about their day.

“This diet is all about sparing your lean muscle mass while trying to lose weight,” she said. “The diet combines two proven rapid weight loss methods to create an incredibly effective hyper-diet.”

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