By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Nice way to start out a week…today’s weather certainly makes a Monday easier to get through.  The high in Boston was 63 degrees…the warmest temps so far this year!  An area of low pressure is going to slide to our NW later tonight, this will send another surge of warmth through Southern New England late tonight and tomorrow leading to even warmer temps on Tuesday with many reaching 70 degrees for the first time since last October!  As this warmer air works in late tonight it will create enough atmospheric instability to kick off some rain showers and possibly a rumble or two of thunder.  Any wet weather will be gone first thing tomorrow morning and the sun will emerge as a coldfront works through.  Wind behind the coldfront will gust a bit out of the NW but it will keep a seabreeze at bay and temps will not get knocked down in the afternoon near the coast like they did on Monday.

That coldfront will pretty much be draped just south of New England for the rest of the week and temps will gradually get colder and colder.  On Wednesday another seabreeze will develop locking temps in the 50s at the coast and 60s inland with some developing sunshine.  But everyone will be much cooler on Thursday with more of an onshore wind, clouds will also be advancing in from the west at higher altitudes and from the east closer to the ground.  On the front to our west, an area of low pressure will develop and strengthen with ample upper level support.  The low will travel just south of us on Friday locking in chilly, raw air off the Gulf of Maine while spreading steady, soaking rain across the State as well.  Most of the precip will be cold rain but in elevated areas wet snow is likely to mix in.

In the wake of the storm, NW winds will pick up and dry the air out leaving us with a sun, cloud blend over the weekend and more seasonable temps in the 50s.  Looking way ahead to Marathon Monday, high pressure should be cresting over the region…this will lead to tranquil weather for the day…lots of sun, light wind that will turn onshore and temps in the 50s.


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