Do you feel that recent changes made by the Boston Red Sox management will be the cure for what ails the team?
Will the new nice guy team image provide the chemistry that will propel the them to the World Series?
Do you care about the personality of the players, or is winning the only thing that matters to you?

If the Red Sox facelift is not effective, there is a bright side. It will be easier to get at seat at Fenway Park next year.

Join Bradley Jay at Fenway Park for the Sox home opener. Click play to see how Sox fans think their team will fair this year.

Personally, I don’t care about the personalities, or even if the team wins. I like the game. AlI I need is the pop of the pitch when it hits the catchers mitt, the execution of a double play, a great throw from the outfield, and the tag out at home.
The players come and go, so I concentrate on the game. One play at a time.


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