BOSTON (CBS) – What made the Tom Brady-Wes Welker connection so great for six years was the rapport the two players had with one another.

It was the almost uncanny sense of knowing what the other was thinking that, more times than not, put Welker in the perfect position to catch a  treading-the-needle pass from Brady. That is something that takes time and repetition to get down perfectly, though Welker made it look pretty easy from the first day he donned a Patriots uniform.

But now Welker laying out his new Denver Broncos jersey, and Tom Brady is left to find a new go-to guy.

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So it’s great news that the Patriots’ Welker-replacement, Danny Amendola, is already catching passes from his new quarterback. USC wide receiver coach Tee Martin, who was drafted ahead of Brady back in 2000, Tweeted a picture Tuesday evening of Brady and Amendola working out at the USC facilities.

This is common practice for Brady, who usually has his targets work out with him in the off-season. Welker and Brady worked out often, and recently tight end Aaron Hernandez has done so as well.

With the overhaul the Patriots did to their receiving corps this off-season — with the subtraction of Welker and Brandon Lloyd and addition of Amendola, Donald Jones and Michael Jenkins — it’s good to see Brady getting work in with the guy who is expected to become his new go-to receiver.


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