BOSTON (CBS)-  Monday’s Sixth Annual “Cuts For A Cause” was the biggest one yet, earning $76,000 for pediatric cancer care.

18 members of the Boston Bruins, along with Fred Toucher and Jon Wallach of 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich, got their heads shaved for charity, having a blast in the process.

“Thank you to the audience, because this was a record-setter,” Fred Toucher said to his Sports Hub listeners on Tuesday. “You guys sold it out, and I hope everyone who came had a good time.”

From the pictures and video coming from the event, there is no doubt everyone had a great time. That includes Jon Wallach, who took Rich Shertenlieb’s spot in this year’s event. It was the first time ever he’s gotten his head shaved.

Photos: 6th Annual “Cuts For A Cause”

“Wallach admirably filled in, and he was very nervous. This was the first time he’s ever gotten his head shaved, and now that I look at him it doesn’t look that bad,” Toucher said. “He’s an ugly looking man, but it doesn’t change his level of ugliness.”

“This is the weirdest feeling,” Wallach said from the Royale stage as he was getting his buzz cut. “I’m worried there’s some big scar on my scalp that I don’t know about. Everyone has gotten a short haircut at least once; this has never happened to me. Now it’s in front of 500 people, it’s a little nerve-wracking.”

“I feel lighter, this is weird,” he continued. “I’ve never done this; it’s so strange. I just hope my head isn’t misshapen.”

While most of the participants shaved their heads, one Bruins decided to go a different route. For the last two years, it was Adam McQuaid who went with a mullet instead of the buzz cut — and Fred is quick to point out that after his first mullet, the Bruins went on to win the Stanley Cup. But this year, it was Brad Marchand who tried his own version of the mullet, leaving just a small patch of hair on the back of his head.

Photos: ‘Cuts For A Cause’ Before And After

“I’m just trying to bring it back, that’s the main reason. The other is I look fantastic with a mullet – business in the front and party in the back,” Marchand said.

Marchand’s new look didn’t last long though — about 30 seconds.

“I can’t do that, I have a rep to protect,” he explained. “I can’t be running around with a mullet.”


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