By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Harvard makes for an easy target sometime, both the university, for its wealth and power, and its students, for, well, being Harvard students.

I confess, I had a few laughs at their expense when the kids had their own mini-campout in the yard in sympathy with the Occupy movement, and the college locked the gates to keep them safe and keep the real protestors out.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

But today, let’s salute the men and women of Harvard for having the good sense and decency to rebel at the prospect of having the rapper Tyga headline their big spring concert.

Hundreds of students and others have signed an online petition calling for administrators to dump Tyga because of his “explicitly and violently misogynistic” lyrics which, as best I can tell after a brief review of them, consist almost entirely of profane, demeaning references to women, threats of violence and degradation, and bragging about jewelry.

One writer called it “hate speech with a catchy beat.”

One of the students behind the petition told the Harvard Crimson: “Tyga has a right to sing and to write whatever he wants, but that doesn’t mean Harvard should give him a platform at our biggest concert of the year to promote that kind of sexism and violence.”

Other than mistakenly calling what Tyga does “singing,” I agree.

The best defense against excess vulgarity is an insistence on minimal standards of good taste and decency. And it’s gratifying to see the students themselves rallying behind those standards, instead of having them imposed by older, non-afficionados of rap.

You go, Harvard. Dump Tyga, and let him peddle his garbage at some lesser school.

And let us get back to poking fun at you again.

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