BOSTON (CBS) – It’s opening day of the baseball season, and I see that of the Globe’s six top baseball experts, only one of them picked the Red Sox to make the playoffs. And even that seems like a hometown call; none of the experts in Sports Illustrated has the Sox getting in.

So, for the first time in many years, maybe even more than at any time since before 1967, when modern-day Red Sox nation was born, expectations are low as we play ball in New York today.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

For the critics, that is; but not for the true Red Sox fan.

I suppose I can only speak for myself, but I’m sure there are others who feel as I do: I fully expect the Red Sox to make the playoffs this year, and at least make it to the World Series, if not win it.

This is not based on any rational analysis of the team. It has nothing to do with the team at all. It’s about us, the fans, and our need for high expectations of the Sox.

How depressing it would be – and how much more difficult it would make performing our fan chores such as watching and listening to the games and mouthing off about them to our friends – if we didn’t think they would win, notwithstanding all evidence to the contrary.

Why would we go to all the trouble we go to – rushing home from somewhere to catch the end of the game, planning schedules around it, buying fresh hats, T-shirts, and foam fingers – just to watch a bunch of no-hopers?

It’s not in our makeup as Bostonians to politely cheer on a pack of losers. Just ask the legislature.

No, we start our epic journey today with full confidence that it will be continuing through October. And if we have to settle for just beating the daylights out of the Yankees, that will be fine.

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