SOMERVILLE (CBS) – A community walked as one through the streets of Somerville Saturday, retracing the steps taken by a teenage girl on the last night of her life. It was a walk in memory of Deanna Cremin who was murdered 18 years ago. Her body was found only two blocks from her home just days after her 17th birthday. She had been strangled.

Hundreds of people turned out to remember someone taken so suddenly, her killer never caught. Her heartbroken mother is still seeking justice.

“Somebody brutally murdered her and strangled her,” said Katherine Cremin, “and it’s just wrong that there aren’t any answers, you know I don’t know what happened.”

But there are theories. Many still suspect Deanna’s boyfriend Tommy LeBlanc, who only walked her halfway home that night. He was never charged and hasn’t been seen in years.

“He didn’t call that night,” said Christine Cremin. “He didn’t cooperate with the police. He walked her halfway home. I just, I don’t, I don’t believe that he’s innocent.”

They’ve tried everything over the years, even putting up a billboard but the case remains unsolved. Bob Curley, whose 10-year-old son Jeffrey was brutally murdered 16 years ago says any level of recovery takes a lifetime.

“There’s no such thing as closure I mean the word the word closure to people like us is laughable there’s no such thing,” Curley said at the rally. “You move forward with your life, you try to heal the best that you can.”

It’s been 18 years of pain and grief for the family and community. Many people believe that it seems like it happened only yesterday but it’s been all too long. That’s why they say they’ll never give up looking for answers.


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