BOSTON (CBS) – The WBZ-TV and 98.5 The Sports Hub sports teams give their predictions for the 2013 Boston Red Sox!

Dan Roche, WBZ-TV Sports

I begin with the premise that no matter what happens this season, the Red Sox can’t repeat what happened last year. Too many good arms, professional hitters, and a solid coaching staff.

It will all come down to pitching with this year’s team. Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz need to step up and aggressively lead the staff, and, Dempster, Doubront, and Lackey need to follow. Joel Hanrahan needs to close the way he did in Pittsburgh while Bailey, Tazawa, Bailey, and company need to provide solid innings leading up to the new Boston closer.

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I like the line-up more than most people. With Ellsbury, Victorino, and Pedroia at the top, Napoli, Middlebrooks, Gomes, and hopefully Ortiz in the middle this team should score runs. Again, all professional hitters with Middlebrooks having a chance to be special.

And, who knows what impact Jackie Bradley Jr. will have, but he gives Sox fans hope for now — and the future.

I’ve said it before, but when John Farrell was hired the plug was put back in the organizational socket. There’s continuity from top to bottom, and I think this Sox team can contend for a playoff spot.

I’ll say 90 wins and a fun ride.

Hope you enjoy the season — I can’t wait!

Steve Burton, WBZ-TV Sports

Well, let’s start by saying there’s no way the Red Sox are going to have as bad a year as they did last year. Gone are the prima-donnas, and this team seems to be a lot more focused on winning.

It starts with the pitching, of course. It ALWAYS starts with pitching. With new manager John Farrell on board, look for the Red Sox starting rotation to be a lot more productive, and the bullpen is already solid. Even though you can’t bank on Spring success, the Sox starters have their confidence flowing.

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The big question in the lineup is Big Papi and if/when he get healthy? When he does — look out. There is still some pop in his bat that you know he’s been patiently waiting to unleash. The Sox also have some more speed this year with Shane Victorino following Jacoby Ellsbury in the lineup. Those two can be just what the doctor ordered on the base paths.

You never know with this team, they may just surprise you. I’m putting them down for a big bounce-back season and 89 wins.

John Wallach, 98.5 The Sports Hub

The Red Sox are not a playoff team this year. The rotation looks good early, but it’s a long season and there are a lot of teams that are pretty much even.

I would say 84 wins, and out of the playoffs.

Andy Gresh, 98.5 The Sports Hub

The Red Sox win 85 games, which will allow them to hang around but no playoffs for the fourth straight season.

Scott Zolak, 98.5 The Sports Hub

81-81; a .500 baseball team. They’re not bad, they’re not good – they’re dead smack in the middle. They’re just an average baseball team.

They have 162 chances to restore the faith, and they’ll do it on 81 of those.

Walt Perkins, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

As the 2013 Major League Baseball season gets underway, the anticipation for the upcoming Red Sox season is less than stellar.

The “doom and gloom” crowd is out in force, saying the team made no significant changes in the off-season to improve last year’s cellar dwellers.

I disagree. I think the Sox made some major changes, starting with the man who will manage the players. John Farrell has the respect of all his players. Last year’s manager, Bobby Valentine, lost all respect early when he threw one of his players, Kevin Youkilis, under the bus (“…he doesn’t look motivated…”). It appears no group has responded more positively to Farrell’s presence than the starting pitchers. Not really a surprise since Farrell was once the Red Sox pitching coach.

As for the organization deciding to bolster the roster with role players and not big-name free agents, so what? Who won the A.L. West last year? How many “big names” were on Oakland’s roster? Exactly.

The key to a successful season for the Sox will be how they fare against the Baltimore Orioles. If the Sox can take care of those upstart birds of Baltimore, there’s no reason they can’t be looking forward to the post-season either as division winners or a wild card entry.

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