By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

Sorry. Pun definitely intended. What a weekend out there! Sun filled skies with warming temps into the mid 50’s Saturday afternoon. Light winds could turn onshore for a few light sea breezes to keep it cooler along eastern facing beaches across Eastern MA keeping highs around 50-54 at the coast. High pressure centered south of New England will crest near us overnight with an upper level ridge across the Northeast. A better night for radiation cooling Saturday night with clear skies, light winds and dry air. Expect lows to drop into the upper 20’s and Lwr 30’s. Easter morning will be a clear cool start with sunshine through noon. Highs will again be climbing into the mid-upper 50’s nearing 60 by afternoon with a southerly breeze at 10-20 mph. Clouds will be increasing Sunday afternoon ahead of an approaching cold front. Skies will be turning mostly cloudy by the end of the day. Showers will be spreading from west to east during the evening with the steadiest of showers expected between 10 PM-2 AM. Expect about a quarter of an inch o rain before the showers taper off with the passage of the front off the coast by early Monday morning.

WSW winds will remain in place Monday. Temps will start off near 40…and with partly sunny skies, temps will again be off to the races with highs again climbing into the 50’s nearing 60. Another cold front will be sweeping south from the Northern Plains through the Northeast Monday Night. Behind this front will be winter’s last gasp of what is left of the cold air in Canada. This final cold shot will push south into New England and seep all the way down into the Southeastern States. Breezy NW winds from building high pressure west of us will supply unseasonal cold for next Tuesday-Wednesday as highs will remain in the lwr-mid 40’s, but it will feel like the 30’s through the midweek. Building high pressure behind the front will supply the cool dry stable air through the end of the week with abundant sunshine and slowly moderating temps heading into next weekend.

After a briefly cooler week ahead, there are signs of an overall pattern change where the Greenland Block will finally start to break down. The trough in the northeast will therefore be able to lift out, and the potential for upper level ridging along the east coast in the weeks to come. Any ridge on the east coast this time of year wold allow mild air to develop along the east coast and push into the northeast. As we know, April warm ups here in new England can be put to a halt sometimes with any wind off the cool ocean water in the form of Back door cold fronts which can be very tricky this time of years and give way to large spreads in temperature over short distances. Until then, we can dream! The storms are gone and soon enough we will be well into where the chances become much harder for a snowstorm to occur. While temps will vary in the first week of April, by the 10th we should be well on our way to a wholesale pattern change and milder times to come! Have a great weekend!


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