CLINTON (CBS) – An extensive search at Mossy Pond in Clinton could be connected to decades-old murder investigation.

The search involves Clinton, Fitchburg, State Police, and the Worcester County DA’s office.

Authorities say there is no immediate threat to anyone in the area, but people living in the neighborhood are uneasy.

Residents say the police were also there on Thursday, saying they’ve seen them digging with shovels and gathering bags of evidence. With very little official information, the locals are left to deal with rumors.

“What I’ve heard is there’s a man who’s been in prison and he doesn’t have much time to live so he admitted to the police that there’s been a body buried over by the island,” said Matt Notaro. “I guess that’s why they’re searching now to see if it’s true or not.”

For now police are keeping the real story to themselves, but it does appear obvious that this investigation is far from over.


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